Tuesday, November 30, 2004

WBW #4: New World Riesling

I have been looking forward to trying the Windsor Vinyards Riesling for a while now, as I drive by their tasting rooms rather frequently. Unfortunately, though, I have not had an opportunity to stop in before this month's WBW, hosted by Derrick from An Obsession with Food. Instead I ran out to Trader Joes and picked up an inexpensive California Johannisberg Riesling by JW Morris.

It was fruity and crisp, but it did seem to almost verge on sharpness at the end. I do not claim to be very knowledgeable about wines and I tend to stick with what I like (Shiraz!) but there is nothing about this wine that would prevent me from having it again. Particularly considering that I paid $2.99 for the bottle. I ate a rather unusual amount of dark chocolate this evening and was worried that perhaps it would adversely effect the taste of the wine, but it didn't seem to. I would probably serve this again with a chicken (how generic) dish or a lovely fruity salsa. Possibly a leftover turkey sandwich, as I think it would go well with cranberries.
I have to say that this wine is not enough to put me off reds, but it's certainly not bad. If they have it at your Trader Joe's, go for it!

Incidentally, those lovely red fruits in the foreground of the picture are prickly pears: cactus fruits I picked up at my parent's house over Thanksgiving. They taste a bit like a cross between a very mild kiwi and a melon and have white flesh with an abundance of small black (and hopefully edible!) seeds. The only idea I had - aside from eating them alone, which is tasty - for using them is to make a sorbet. I would probably need more fruit to make it worth the effort, though.