Monday, March 21, 2005

Kurobuta Pork

That is a mighty fine pork loin.
This week at Trader Joe's, I spotted a Snake River Farms Kurobuta pork loin. I knew that this was supposed to be some of the finest pork there is. It's cut from Japanese Berkshire black hogs and, according to the producer, is celebrated for it's moistness, tenderness and pork flavor (read: lots of marbled fat).
Actually, I didn't find the meat to be fatty at all beyond the nice thick layer that the loin was situated on. The loin was cooked using the "Maple Glazed Pork Roast" recipe from Cooks Illustrated, which I will not reprint here because I don't think it was the ideal recipe for this pork. Oh, it was very tender and very juicy, but the low cooking temperature prevented any sort of crust from forming. Sometimes it's a shame not to put that fat to use!
So, how was this big slab o' meat? Good. Very good. It tasted like... excellent pork. Could have chosen a better recipe despite the fact that the spicing (garlic, cloves, cayenne, paprika and maple syrup) was excellent. There's always next time, though. And next time may be coming up soon...

And on an unrelated note, is anyone else having trouble viewing my page with non-IE browsers? I'll try to fix my images so people with firefox can view the page without problems, but let me know if you have any technical difficulties!