Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Healthy Potato Chips?

I will admit that I was completely astounded that this worked.
I made potato chips - crispy, salty, tasty potato chips - without using oil. And I did it with my microwave.
For a few years, I didn't have a microwave because, let's face it, the one thing you really need a microwave for is to thaw some varieties of frozen food. And 90% of them can be done in some other way. But a microwave is a convenience that I like. I use it, now that I have one, to heat water for tea, melt chocolate, warm up leftovers and, now, to make potato chips.
I spotted the recipe for Uncle Bill's Microwave Potato Chips completely by accident and was compelled to try it. After washing and drying them, I sliced my potatoes as thinly as I could, leaving the skins on. I lightly sprayed a Pyrex baking dish (microwave safe) with cooking spray in case anything should decide to stick, popped the potatoes in and salted them. I kept an eye on them as they cooked, since each batch needed either more or less time, depending on thickness. The potato chips were crispy and delicious. I didn't even have to re-oil the dish between batches, since nothing stuck!
My mind is still reeling, but at least I have a snack to help me get through it.
Thanks, Uncle Bill!

Microwave Potato Chips
Russet (or baking) potatoes
salt or salt blend

Scrub potatoes, leaving skins on and slice potatoes as thinly as possible into even slices. No slice should be more than 1/16 inch thick (less than 1.5 mm). Lighly oil a pyrex baking dish with cooking spray and place potato slices in a single layer. You will probably have to cook the potato in batches. Evenly salt or season potatos as desired.
Microwave, on high, for 3-6 minutes.
Most batches took me about 4 minutes, but it is best to watch (just like popcorn) to prevent burning.
Remove from dish and repeat with remaining slices until all the potato has been cooked.