Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Calendar and a Few News Items

I would like to announce the release of the official bakingsheet 2006 wall calendar at the official bakingsheet shop. The calendar is packed with delicious bakingsheet images. I originally created it so I could share a few of my favorite photos from the last year with family and friends and, I'll admit, I liked a few of them so much that I wanted them on my own wall. But if you're interested in adding this to your collection, or perhaps you've just procrastinated in buying another calendar to the point where you have no other options, check it out. If you place an order on or before January 9th, you can get $4 off each calendar by entering the code BIG2 at checkout.
Everything else in the shop is a test item, so I'd love to hear feedback as to whether I need to make any changes.

And speaking of things being in print, I was excited to see that (back in December, actually) bakingsheet received its first mention in a non-digital medium, the Ackron Beacon. I live in California, I was only able to see the online version of the article, but the very thought that it was in print is exciting. To preserve the moment, I captured the image with a screenshot, seen above.
But enough with the self-promotion.

Last week, I was lucky enough to have lunch with Jessica of Su Good Sweets. We had a fabulous lunch at Newsroom, shared some of my homemade marshmallows - mint chocolate flavor - with our waitress and indulged in a few of Jessica's homemade macaroons.

They were really excellent, with an outstanding almond flavor, chocolate filling and just the right amount of chew. I'm lucky that she made me so many, since I ate almost a half dozen before I got home! Though Jessica will make the macaroons to order at her shop, they're only available in Manhattan at the moment. I'll have to wait until my next trip back east to try a few more, but I definitely encourage anyone in the NY area to try them.