Friday, September 01, 2006

Five Things to Eat Before You Die

While the title of this post has a bit of a macabre sound to it, there is nothing ominous about the Foodblogger's Guide to the Globe. FBGttG* is a meme (short for "internet phenomenon") that was started by The Traveler's Lunchbox and is traveling around the world via various food blogs. I was tagged to come up with my own list of five things to eat before you die by my friends Helen, of Grab Your Fork, and Kalyn, of Kalyn's Kitchen. The rules are that the five things you select have to be things that you have eaten. The problem with this is that I have eaten far more than five things, making it difficult to narrow down the list.

1. Kona coffee in Kona, Hawaii - You'll have to ferret out a place that brews good coffee yourself, but you won't get many closer to the source and Kona coffee is some of the best in the world. Roasting green beans is an amazing experience, too, but you have to be a dedicated coffee drinker to go that far.
2. Breakfast at bills in Sydney, Australia - I recommend the ricotta hotcakes, scrambled eggs and the wonderful coconut bread, but everything is fantastic. Dinner at bills2 is excellent, as well.
3. Dinner at the French Laundry - This is probably the best restaurant experience you'll ever have.
4. Pizza at the Cheeseboard in Berkeley, California - The Cheeseboard only makes one type of pizza each day and is open for lunch and dinner. The pizza is always vegetarian and it is always exceptional. The bread, pastries and cheeses at the Cheeseboard are worth a trip, too.
5. Dutch Crunch Bread - While there is a lot of good bread to be had in the San Francisco Bay area, it seems to be the only place in the world where Dutch Crunch Bread is sold. The bread is a type of white bread with a very unusual and crispy crust made with yeast, rice flour and a bit of vegetable oil. It makes fantastic sandwich rolls and I have a recipe for it, so you can give it a try at home and cross it off the list.

*I decided to abbreviate the name in the same way I abbreviate the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, HHGttG.