Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Pumpkin Ginger Bread

Tonight I decided to make a recipe I found on Epicurious for a friend of mine. She really loves ginger and I decided that I could think of no better use for my newly purchased candied ginger chips than this. I like ginger, but not to the point that I cook with it, or even, in fact, desire it often. I also had some pumpkin butter that I have been waiting to use in something other than pie. The result? Pumpkin ginger bread.

I only made a few modifications to the recipe as I was too lazy to go to the market, despite the fact that it is a mere few blocks away (but it's quite chilly and the warm kitchen was a much nicer place to be). I used half and half instead of the buttermilk and pumpkin butter instead of the pumpkin puree. I also baked it for an hour in a loaf pan, though the recip made enough for me to fill an additional 7 muffin tins, which I fed to my housemates.
The verdict? Excellent.
Nice pumpkin flavor, very gingery, but not overly so. I was glad I didn't put any more on the top, however, choosing to sprinkly sugar on instead (I added a bit more on for the photo, too). It's a very moist bread, but not heavy at all. I think it would be excellent with apple butter in place of the pumpkin. If I were serving it at home, I think I would make an orange glaze or stir some zest into some cream cheese. Mmm...