Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blog Day 2005

Like the tart? Check out this article about making fruit tarts. Mine isn't from the recipe given with the article, but it's close. I used a cream cheese filling, which went very well with the strawberries. I must say that the lime marmalade glaze mentioned in the article sounds like it would be divine with the raspberries in their tart.

Today, apparently, is World Blog Day. I love how there is a day for everything now.
For example, today is National Trail Mix day. Tomorrow is National Cherry Popover Day. I know that I have never seen a cherry popover, let alone eaten one. I want my own day! Wait. I guess that my birthday counts as my own day.
In honor of World Blog Day 2005, I am going to share with you 5 links to sites I like. I am also going to get around to updating the links section on my blog today, so you may get a few more than 5. These sites are probably not new to many of you, but I really enjoy them all.

The Food Whore makes food for money. Unfortunately for her, you can't always pick your clients. And if you have ever worked in any job that required you to interact with the public, you'll know that if you could pick your clients, there wouldn't be too many of them. Love her.

Waiter Rant is another food service blog. I think the Bistro is lucky to have him, though probably not so lucky to have some of their customers. He has great stories and great tips. I'd point you to a favorite post, but I like them all.

Who doesn't like candy? Cybelle of The Candy Blog does, and so do I. She tests and reviews a new type of candy every day: foreign, domestic, high quality or a mystery item on sale at the local discount store. Tasty.

Susan is living out her dreams of opening an artisan bakery at her farm in Missouri. At Farmgirl Fare, she posts a picture of ferm life every day. If we're lucky, she'll throw in the occasional recipe or useful tidbit about baking.

My last link of the day is not to a blog, but to the Red Cross, to support their efforts in helping the victims of Hurricaine Katrina and the City of New Orleans, which, at the time of writing this, is 80% underwater with water still coming in.